Adaptation of the Tromsø Social Intelligence Scale to the Digital Library Guide Designers: A Case Study of the Transworld University Library

侯幸雨/Hsing-Yu Hou

Social intelligence plays an important role in multiple intelligences. Despite its significance, in the field of library and information science, there have been few researches on the practice of social intelligence evaluation on digital library designers. The objective of this study is to adopt the Tromsø Social Intelligence Scale (TSIS) to evaluate social intelligence and design performance of digital library guide designers. In addition to TSIS, a computer self-efficiency scale is also applied to measure the designers’ computer skill. Moreover, Kepner-Tregoe Analysis (KTA) is used to score designs and select the best digital library guide. Analyses reveal that the correlation among TSIS, computer skill efficiency, and KTA is high: if the designer is good at basic computer skill, he or she is also generally evaluated as equipped with better social intelligence and as capable of designing better digital library guides.